The most life like bird kites in the world. They truly depict a bird in flight. They beat their wings, bank on the air emulating a real bird. This is a unique and totally stand alone product range.

HIZAKITE made a conscious decision to sell them all in kit form comprising all parts needed for construction including the glue. Pictured Instructions are included.

The paper can be flattened with a warm iron before putting it together.

Geared so a 12 yr. old child can assemble with adult supervision.

Takes about 45 minutes to glue.

Only stapler/needle and thread are required.

The best part is, the ‘waste’ paper is the repair kit for later on as the item softens and fatigues after a lot of use. Thus extending the life of the bird. It’s all about longevity, value to the customer and best advice.

As a kite they are flown from the nose, as a windsock they are flown from the chest.

Appropriate length light weight fishing line is  included in the purchase.

A 6m Telescopic Pole is recommended as the optimum height to display most of the birds (not included) See ‘Poles & Accs

An 9m Telescopic Pole is recommended as the optimum height to display the American Bald Eagle not included) See ‘Poles & Accs

American Bald Eagle Eagles, Osprey , Ospreys, Peregrine Falcon, Falcons, Dove of Peace, Mallard Drake Duck, Mallard Hen Duck, Canada Goose, Snow Goose, Blue Goose, Happy Gull, Little Black Bird, White Create A Bird, Red Cardinal, Blue Jay.

 Birds of prey, Bird scarer, deter birds, deterrent deterant,  scare birds, protect ponds, save fish, restrain seagulls on boats, docks, decking, obstruct herons, defend allotments, scarecrow bird for garden, orchard crops, lakes protection.  Nuisance pigeons, roof protection. Horse training.

Bird decoys, lure, hunter, hunting, shooting game.

‘Jackite’ Realistic  Birds

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